Blackrock Cottage in ‘Top 100’ Irish restaurants

Blackrock Cottage in Salthill is making headlines again after receiving two major accolades in less than a week.
The popular eatery was named ‘Best Restaurant in Galway’ at the Restaurant Association of Ireland awards recently and was also included in the ‘Top 100 Restaurants in Ireland’ by The Sunday Times.

Blackrock Cottage’s head chef, Martin O’Donnell, described being named ‘Best Restaurant in Galway’ as ‘a huge honour’ while he said that making the ‘Top 100’ restaurants shortlist was ‘absolutely incredible’.

“When The Sunday Times list came out, I was actually on the motorway, on my way up to Virgin Media TV for the cookery slot on Ireland AM,” explained Martin.

“The sense of pride I felt was absolutely massive. To be included, in just our second year, was absolutely incredible.
“I’ve known Sally and John McKenna for years,” he added.

“We’ve been out foraging, they’re great supporters of Irish food, a great team, and to be included in that list of ‘Top 100 Restaurants’ is a tremendous honour for all of us.”

Blackrock Cottage’s General Manager, Mathieu Teulier, was also keen to pay tribute to the entire team that work in the restored famine-era cottage, which is located at the end of Salthill Promenade.

“The McKenna’s have followed the journey of myself and Martin from The Twelve in Barna, and they’re familiar with my service ethos, Martin’s food ethos, and our styles.

“They’ve come to see what we’re doing at the Cottage and actually appreciated everything we’re doing, which is a true compliment. To be endorsed by Sally and John McKenna is massive.

“To be in the ‘Top 100 of Restaurants in Ireland’, out of all the restaurants in Ireland, in just our second year, is an achievement in itself. We’re only open less than 18 months,” he added.

“It’s a testament to the team that we’ve built, the suppliers that we use, the food that we produce, and our dedication. The dedication of every single person in the team.

“And to be named as ‘Best Restaurant in Galway’ as well, if you look around the city and the county, and the quality of restaurants that are there, it’s an honour to be nominated for the award, not to mention winning it.”
Martin O’Donnell said that everyone at Blackrock Cottage will now ‘continue to push on’.

“Our objective is to be as busy as we can and have the restaurant firing on all cylinders.
“Our main objective is to keep our guests happy.

“It’s a lovely feeling when guests come up to the window and say, ‘We really enjoyed our meal, it was lovely.’ It’s great for all the team to hear that.

“We’re going to continue to try and make Blackrock Cottage as successful as we can, and we won’t stop until we achieve that.”

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