Sundays are easy at Blackrock Cottage

Sundays in Salthill have always been special, but the team at Blackrock Cottage are sparing no effort this Spring to make them extra special.

The Cottage’s award-winning executive head chef, Martin O’Donnell, has designed a menu that features breakfast, all-day brunch and some Sunday lunch specials that will be available until 8pm.

So whether you’re out for an early morning walk on The Prom, looking for brunch on a lazy Sunday afternoon, or searching for somewhere nice to bring the kids on a Sunday evening, Blackrock Cottage has got something for you.

“Sunday mornings we usually have the early risers, swimmers and walkers in for their breakfast,” explains Martin. “Then around 10am you’re starting to get the younger generation arriving in after their Saturday night, and you see them meeting family and friends, which leads to a lovely vibe around 11am or noon on a Sunday.

“Lunch always tends to be busy too on a Sunday because you get the people who are maybe having a more leisurely day, or perhaps celebrating a special occasion, or just popping in for lunch after a walk on The Prom. There’s a lovely mix of people.
“Sunday evening is a really nice time to enjoy the Cottage because it can be a little quieter and you have the peace and tranquility of the place,” adds Martin.

“The menu reflects that too because you have can have the quick bite to eat — like a soup and a sandwich — or we have some lovely Sunday specials too, like roasted monkfish, roast cod or an Andarl Farm rack of pork on the bone.

“So there’s a great choice and it’s a lovely tranquil time to enjoy the views and just soak up the atmosphere of the Cottage. You can book a table online or just pop in, either or works.”

The idea of a late brunch on a Sunday evening has also proven very popular with patrons recently, especially for families with young children recently.

“Sunday evening brunch is really nice at the Cottage,” says Martin O’Donnell.

“You can have an espresso martini, a cocktail or a glass of wine, and just chill out and relax. “It’s a chance to have a late brunch or an early dinner, whichever floats your boat.

“It’s nice and casual and you can bring the kids along, there’s usually a few kids knocking around on Sunday evenings. There’s a real family, community feeling.

“For the kids we have pizza, goujons and pasta bolognese for the kids, or an Acai bowl.

“It’s always a nice way to end the weekend before heading home to get ready for work or school on Monday morning.”

Blackrock Cottage is open from 8am to 8pm on Sundays.